In 1997 busHive, then known as Easybus began as a program with three screens that a mechanic with no computer experience could navigate. Both the company and the product were branded to convey this simplicity. Little did we dream that this simple system would blossom into a sophisticated software platform for tracking virtually all aspects of transportation for both school bus and motorcoach operations including personnel training and charters.

We are proud of the reputation that not only our software but also our people have earned since then, however in 2015 we decided to update the brand so that it captures the scaled elegance that our software offers to bus operators of all kinds. In this spirit, effective July 1, 2015 our company and our single flagship software that replaces all former Easy-programs became known simply as busHive ®. We believe this name conveys the elegance of a single software platform that can effectively organize the workflows of an entire transportation operation.

We invite you to subscribe to our software and support today and experience the benefits of utilizing a state-of-the-art software platform for your bus operation.

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