Driver Compliance Software

Our innovative driver compliance software is a critical tool for all safety and personnel compliance management. This monitoring system tracks specific personnel requirements associated with drivers, tour guides, mechanics, office staff and more so you can avoid costly fines and ensure that each group is meeting their respective qualifications before the requirements are due. It also tracks various infractions such as accidents, speeding tickets, absences, and customer complaints. We make life easier for school bus contractors, motorcoach operators and school districts with our ability to fully organize and customize essential driver records in a format that’s easily accessible.

Driver Compliance Software from busHive stands alone as the definitive resource for safety managers and driver trainers looking to manage the diverse requirements of their entire personnel all in one place, allowing them to do away with messy stacks of file folders, spreadsheets, calendars and post-it notes.

Since many states have different compliance qualifications, our fully customizable software has the flexibility to define requirements for each specific situation and set unique warning schedules. Whether it is drug testing, behind the wheel refreshers, or physicals, busHive uses the latest technology to provide a user-friendly interface that makes reporting and data organization simpler and more convenient for efficient personnel management.


  • FEDERAL/STATE/COMPANY REQUIREMENTS - Our driver compliance software keeps driver trainers and safety managers notified in advance for trainings, testing and physicals. Create a fully customizable requirement list for all personnel, all in one location.
  • PERSONNEL GROUPS - Stay up to date with your entire staff’s requirements from bus drivers to tour guides. Each personnel type can have their own set of requirements, making busHive’s personnel compliance system a favorite among safety managers and driver trainers.
  • DRIVER INFRACTIONS & INCIDENTS - Keep a centralized bus driver profile to track driver history, monitor accidents, speeding tickets and customer complaints. With our software, operations now have the capability to monitor a personalized list of infractions. A complete detailed analysis of every infraction is available for each personnel type or each individual.
  • PERSONNEL ABSENCES & TARDINESS - Our software can also monitor attendance, personnel absences, vacation time and tardiness, allowing people in operation to stay on top of coverage and ensure with no hesitation that drivers are available for the scheduled charters.
  • DRIVER TURNDOWNS - Our software retains a history of driver job turndowns so operators can manage personnel more efficiently.
  • NEW YORK STATE 19-A - We provide a stock of over 40 personnel reports and can even print out completed Federal Medical Examination forms as well as all New York State 19-A forms.
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