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Motorcoach operations are easier, more accurate and more efficient with busHive charter bus software. Our flagship charter management software is equipped with personnel compliance solutions and preventive maintenance solutions that help you organize, track and report on all the data you need to manage your motorcoach systems more proficiently. This bus software is capable of supporting your company’s most unique and specific needs. We understand that each motorcoach company is significantly different from the next, which is why we aim to build strong client relationships and provide quality service that exceeds the goals of everyone involved.

"I’ve been a client with busHive for many years. We’ve had nothing but a positive experience and 100% support. Our clients rely on us to have up to date accounting and accurate information on their reservations and busHive truly makes it EASY. Our maintenance program is rated preferred by the New York State Department of Transportation as a result of our maintenance program and the record keeping provided by busHive. In addition, our driver files for Article 19A and the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration are top in the industry. Thanks to all your staff and Michael for providing such a versatile and easy to use computer application to serve our industry."

– David J. Kucera, President
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Charter Bus Software from busHive offers industry leading motorcoach management solutions that serve as the central resource for all day-to-day operations. The software manages sales, dispatching, vehicle/driver allocation, billing, payroll, and more. It also provides upper management with reporting tools that show revenue per vehicle and even provide a profit/loss analysis for every reservation. With busHive, motorcoach operators can modify the program to best fit their billing and pay rates without making any substantial changes to their business model. By increasing pricing accuracy and providing easy-access to essential data, our charter bus software is a valuable business platform for any motorcoach operation.


  • QUOTING - Our charter bus software platform allows users to build a customer database and get quotes out the door in minutes.
  • CHARTER CONFIRMATIONS - Keep clients on the same page and increase customer satisfaction by having your terms and conditions added to all charter bus confirmations.
  • SCHEDULING - Our color-coordinated dispatch calendar shows driver and vehicle availability. The software will show any conflicts and prompt users for coverage. It also warns you if a driver will be put into overtime and shows their hours of service.
  • DRIVER ITINERARIES - Once all the information is entered for the charter quote or contract, it will then seamlessly transfer right over to our bus driver itineraries. Our PC Miler integration will automatically generate commercial directions so you don’t have to.
  • CHARTER INVOICING - Billing, tracking deposits and viewing overdue payments is easy with our charter bus invoicing system. Our software can handle the most complex billing scenarios and users can generate invoices with just one click.
  • IFTA FOR CHARTER MANAGEMENT - Quarterly IFTA reports for all charter management needs are automatically calculated right from our PC Miler integration. The detailed reports will show you mileage and fueling in every state each charter bus has traveled through.
  • CHARTER PAYROLL - Generate payroll summaries for your full charter bus team in seconds. Management will even have access to the detailed calculation report, which shows how pay is totaled for each individual staff member.
  • CHARTER FINANCIAL REPORTING - Our charter management software gives decision makers the information they need for successful financial reporting. Invoice overviews, aging reports and revenue reports are all included.
  • CHARTER BUS ACCOUNTING SYSTEM INTEGRATIONS - Our accounting systems are joined with high-caliber software products from QuickBooks, Sage and more for an advanced charter management experience.
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"After more than a year we are still finding new ways that this powerful program can help us improve our customer service and our bottom line. And the busHive staff has been quick to help whenever we have a question or need a customized report."
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