Maintenance Planning Software

Our flexible maintenance planning software helps operations of every size manage the preventive care that’s required for proper vehicle maintenance. This platform informs operators well in advance for upcoming preventive maintenance services so they can anticipate expenses and sufficiently manage costs beforehand. Operators can also generate work orders and track all costs associated with parts, labor and even fuel.

Maintenance Planning Software from busHive provides all the vital reporting tools you need to save time and reduce costs. Our bus maintenance software warns users ahead of time when parts are low, making inventory tracking more sustainable and organized. With automatic odometer updates, this fully integrated software program shows the latest mileage readings every time a bus returns from a trip.

As more charter bus maintenance operations become data-driven, it’s important for transportation departments to evolve and implement compatible software that allows them to monitor and report on all maintenance expenses with one seamless system. Our preventive maintenance software does just that and more by improving on important safety efficiencies, extending vehicle life, predicting optimal vehicle replacement cycles, reducing vehicle downtime and saving money on warranties.


  • PREVENTIVE MAINTENANCE - Our fully customizable maintenance planning software notifies operations before vehicles become unreliable. Plus, operators can track maintenance services by month, days, mileage, kilometers or hours to best fit their specific needs.
  • WORK ORDERS - Generate maintenance work orders for cost-efficient parts and labor assignments.
  • INVENTORY TRACKING - Our bus maintenance software tracks part levels and reports on part history to better manage costs and decrease expenses.
  • FUEL SUMMARIES - Monitor the amount of fuel used per bus and track overall fuel costs.
  • MAINTENANCE COSTS - Know exactly how much money you are putting into each bus and when it’s time for a replacement.
  • BRAKE AND TIRE READINGS - Track brakes, drums, pads, rotors, tread depth and more.
  • WARRANTY NOTIFICATIONS - Be notified if you are replacing a part that is still under warranty.
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