Powerful Reporting Tools for the Digital Age

Coach Tours, Connecticut
Motorcoach Operator

Coach Tours provides safe, on-time coach services for over 22 motorcoach vehicles in the northeast. Since 1984, the company has continuously challenged itself to find the best ways to hire new employees, and discover and keep new customers.

"We needed a better way to provide our customers with accurate quotes, confirmations and invoices; keep track of reservations; and get accurate management reports. We also needed a better way to provide our drivers with accurate dispatch instructions," explains Coach Tours co-president and owner, Michael Neustadt.

Prior to working with busHive, Coach Tours was stuck using old software that was no longer supported on new computers. As the company grew larger in size, the old system became completely unusable, resulting in more manual recordkeeping. After teaming up with busHive, Coach Tours soon fell in love with the software’s powerful reporting functions.

"busHive’s almost unlimited reporting capabilities save us a tremendous amount of time. The ability to accurately provide our customers with quotes and confirmations and our drivers with accurate dispatch information is also a time saver, and helps us provide great costumer service," Neustadt says.

Our transportation software surprises partners both new and old with its ability to provide any information they need about customers, vehicles, trips, and driver’s schedules. When you work with busHive, you can expect more accurate dispatching, quoting and billing that increases your charter business without increasing your staff or number of vehicles.

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