The busHive Difference

Kobussen Buses, Wisconsin
School Bus Contractor & Motorcoach Operator

As a family-owned business located in the heart of Wisconsin, Kobussen Buses understands the labor intensive nature of the transportation services industry. The company has been in business under the family name for almost 80 years, and has had no choice but to change and adapt to the evolving industry around them.

Some of these changes, including the strict government regulations surrounding Commercial Driver’s License certification, results in a shortage of skilled workers who are both highly trained and meet the necessary personnel compliance requirements. Kobussen needed to make a change and equip its business with a responsive software solution that would bring it into the 21st century.

"We wanted the new product to be flexible and give us the ability to better utilize our drivers and buses," says Dan Kobussen, owner of Kobussen Buses. And busHive delivered.

After Kobussen Buses broke away from their dated software program and began implementing busHive into their business, the results were impeccable. Our fully-integrated bus software made the training process for new employees easier than ever.

"busHive is all point and click. We had major success in training new operators. The system is intuitive and can manage shared assets between terminals. busHive made changes to the program that helped us use their system to fit the way we do business," Kobussen says.

Much of the success our partners experience is due to the personalization capabilities of our program. Customization will surely be a focal point for the next generation of product, and busHive is already on the cutting edge, forging new innovations that further streamline our services, allowing transportation operations to be more transparent to drivers and customers.

"Kobussen has doubled in size over the past few years and we continue to grow today. I am sure busHive has contributed to that success,” says Kobussen. “They were flexible and willing to create a product that would work the way we work."

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